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United States
Current Residence: USA
I am an artist. I have an etsy shop.
What I do is what I do.
Haters gonna hate. Trolls gotta troll.
Only a complete LOSER will make accusations about someone they don't even know. Especially picking on my friends about their issue with me instead of being an "adult" and come and tell me to my face.
Being an artist isn't 'dirty', people... just saying.

-Currently 30
-5'7" or 5'8"
-Married (6 1/2 years).
-Christian (but very laid back).
-brown hair.
-bluish green eyes.
-Major GEEK.
-Laid back.
-Hate heat.
-Retired Cosplayer (until I lose some weight).
-Freelance artist.
-Retired Make up artist.
-Etsy seller.
-Plays the Ocarina.
-Retired model.
-Music enthusiast.
-Has Asperger's Syndrome.
-Loner. Friends fade. Better to be alone than heartbroken.
-I am NOT on here, or any site for that matter, to Cyber Sex or anything else flirtatious. Respect. Or be blocked.

I don't normally talk to people I don't know but if you msg me I may reply, within reasonable circumstance. if you're msging me to demand I make you something I will ignore you. im not a vending machine. manners go a long way with me. :)
im friendly enough by all means. but I tell it how it is. k? :)

plz don't msg me about commissions if you're not serious. I have too many people disappear on me in the middle of a deal and never come back. it's just rude. the least you can do is tell me you are no longer interested instead of waiting until AFTER I have slaved for your commission. :/
wastes my time, wastes your time. lets not, ok?

feel free to browse my art and comment.
(trolls will be reported and blocked).

if you are interested in anything I have check my etsy store first.
(link below)
if the item isn't listed in my shop them that means it's NFS or it's discontinued. but its ok to inquire. :)

have a nice day :)

Copyrighted © by SGT 2012-2016.
Products of the "WunderkammerVendit" are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit….
  • Mood: Compassion
  • Listening to: the clock ticking on the wall
  • Reading: War of The Worlds by HG Wells
  • Watching: Laurel and Hardy
  • Playing: with projects
  • Eating: snacks
  • Drinking: Glo Alo Water
Greetings everyone.

It has come to my attention that some nasty rumors have been going around about me; As to try to affect my business.
Sigh...Trolls never give up. If they can't get you one way they try to find another..
BUT IN VAIN. Because I have come to tell you that these rumors are NOT true. Obviously, I cannot force anyone to think or believe anything. It's up to you to whom you want to believe. I am not stooping to their level by name-calling or trying to name out each rumor and denying them. I find it just sad that so many people are THAT full of hate. And, to me, have nothing better to do with their time.

I am here to offer my services, share my art and enjoy the internet. It is what it is.
Art isn't a "dirty business" nor a "lazy business" tell that to all the other artists on this site. :\ shame... such a shame.

In a nutshell, it's up to you whether you choose to believe these rumors or believe me.

As for these rumors, I am not affected in any way. Because I know what is true and what is false. (and God knows.)

Have a great New Year and I hope this clears things up a bit.

I am still having my 50% off sale. See my last journal entry for the link and coupon. :)
Happy valentine's day.


Morning all. *yawn*
I'm about to launch a new line of Steampunk products in my etsy shop if anyone is interested. Also some Sideshow themed items. stay tuned....Zzz..

just don't need this right now.
please people, do not msg me to flirt. I am married. learn to read. and don't get upset with me because I am married.

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