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  • Mood: Not Impressed
  • Listening to: Artesia and Arcana and Nox Arcana
  • Reading: stuff
  • Watching: the wind outside
  • Playing: with my son while working
  • Eating: Limu shake and some vegies
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I have been informed that I have some haters/trolls picking on my friends about being friends with me. That is so childish. If you got a problem with me and what I do and believe in, come and tell me to my face if you got the guts. You think you will get what you want out of me by pestering my friends? what cowards you must be...
Only a complete LOSER will make accusations about someone they don't even know.

For the record:
I am NOT lazy. I work 24/7 on commssions, rasing my kid and caring for those in need.


What I do, is what I do.
If you don't like it TOUGH. This is America, where there is freedom of speech, choice, religion, politics, and what I do "personally" is none of your business.
I am an artist. I make ART. I have the right to be so. I have the right to do what I love for a living.
It is not your decision what I do with my life. It is MINE.

*To those who have an issue with my prop-making:
Um... HELLO? it is called COSPLAY. I am not the only one on DA that makes cosplay props.
if you're going to start a war about props then why don't you go pick on every cosplay-prop-making-user on DA then? 

that's what I thought. this is discrimination.

*To those who have an issue with my politics:
That's none of your business. If I choose to not like someone that is MY right as a US citizen. NOT YOURS. I make my own decisions thank you. You vote for whom you wish to vote for and I will do the same. By the way, there is nothing on DA talking about my politics that I could see.
Which tells me you trolls are STALKING my other sites. that's going to far.

*To those who have an issue with my religion:
Again, that is none of your business. I will believe in what I want to believe.
don't tread on my religious freedom. if you don't want to be religious that is your choice.
not everyone has to think the way you do.

if you haters/trolls are offended by this then get off my page. I am not changing. you chose to view my page. why don't you take responsibility for your own actions instead of pestering others about theirs? exactly. I rest my case.

Grow Up!

PS- just remember this, you'll never win. I am not affected by your accusations, your lies, your pathetic attempts to ruin my friendships. Sticks and Stones. My friends know who I am and what I stand for. Your attempts are in vain.

In responding to you haters/trolls in this entry I already know that, for now, I am giving you what you want; a "response" because you guys love to get a rise out of people. You talk smack to see the responses you get because you have no life. You have nothing better to do with your time but cause strife, drama, and sadly pain to others (except those who are smarter than that to let trolls and haters get the best of them. because it's all hot air.)

did you enjoy that? I didn't think so. offended? I thought so. you mad bro? LOL

Nice try haters and trolls. 
I am living my life to my expectations. wish a big smile on my face. because at least I know I am better than you haters and trolls.

have a nice day.  (if DA removes another post again i will just post it again.)

Your hate and trolling only makes me stronger. ;)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Current Residence: MD
I am an artist. I make cosplay props. I provide Cosplayer needs via my etsy shop. I also make fantasy themed home décor and art.
What I do is what I do. Haters gonna hate. Trolls gotta troll.
Only a complete LOSER will make accusations about someone they don't even know. Especially picking on my friends about their issue with me instead of being an "adult" and come and tell me to my face.

-Currently 28
-Married (5 years)
-Mother of 1 boy (He is 4 now)
-I'm a non-denominational believer.
-currently a red head.
-Green eyes, or blue. it varies for some reason.
-Major GEEK
-Laid back
-Hate heat
-Retired Cosplayer
-Freelance artist
-Make up artist
-Etsy seller
-Play the Ocarina
-Retired model
-Music enthusiast
-Has Asperger's Syndrome.
-loner. friends fade. better to be alone than heartbroken.

I love Tolkein's books! (huge inspiration)

I don't normally talk to people I don't know but if you msg me I might reply. within reasonable circumstance. if you're msging me to demand I make you something I will ignore you. im not a vending machine. manners go a long way with me. :)
im friendly enough by all means. but I tell it how it is. k? :)

plz don't msg me about commissions if you're not serious. I have too many people up disappear on me in the middle of a deal and never come back. it's just rude. the least you can do is tell me you are no longer interested instead of waiting until AFTER I have slaved for your commission. :/
wastes my time, wastes your time. lets not, ok?

commissions are not accepted at this time. due to fickle (ex) buyers dropping out of their end of the deal.

feel free to browse my art and comment.
(trolls will be reported and blocked).

if you are interested in anything I have check my etsy store first.
(link below)
if the item isn't listed in my shop them that means it's NFS or it's discontinued. but its ok to inquire. :)

have a nice day :)

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You've got some mad skills for being self-taught.

I'm pretty much self-taught as well. But I did inherited my artistic skills from my Mom's side, too. Still learning more and more. :)

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If you ever need any advice on craft projects, let me know. I've got just few more years experience that could help you out. :)
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actually do you know where I can find a paint that's called "Citadel Colors"? its what everyone's using apparently for their higher quality crafts.
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kewl thx I am a dummy!  i'll let u knowzHug 
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